Chef & Restaurant Guide

A Message to Our Future Partners,

Are you a chef or restaurateur who wants to make food that not only amazes customers with the taste, but also inspires them to eat healthy and sustainably sourced foods?

In our effort to make healthy eating easy for everyone, we’ve realized that it’s important to effect changes within whole communities -- that’s why we want to help chefs and restaurant owners.

Healthy Food Now aims to rally eaters, growers and, of course, the people whose business it is to transform fresh ingredients into palate-pleasing, healthy dishes. By involving local businesses, we hope to provide opportunities for serious growth (we’re not talking waistlines, either) and inspire more people, chefs, medical researchers, and policymakers to join us in a truly healthy revolution.

For chefs and restaurants, our free sign-up includes the following:

  • Listing in the Healthy Food Now directory of personal chefs and local restaurants.
  • Easily searchable location and details for customers looking for healthy foods, innovative cuisine, and restaurants that cater to special diets.
  • Sample menu and promotional messages posted about your business or restaurant.
  • Customer reviews and ratings by those who have visited your restaurant.

Healthy Food Now has an ingredients checklist that we use to answer the question: “Is this dish healthy?” Based on the latest research we endorse a mostly plant-based diet. We ask that you offer at least six dishes off your menu that meet the ingredients standard:

  • Is the dish mostly made from leafy greens, beans and legumes, onions, mushrooms, fruits, seeds, and nuts?
  • If there is animal product in the dish, is it more like a topping than the main feature?
  • Are the grains used in the dish unrefined whole grains?
  • Do certain dishes use no salt (or can be prepared without salt); no sugar; and a sparing amount oil?
  • Do some dishes use organic and non-GMO ingredients? And are foods prepared without artificial sweeteners and processed ingredients?