by  Gary Baron
How do I stay on my diet when everyone around me is not eating healthy? There are too many easy bad choices and they are very tempting.
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by  Caroline Israel
Hi Gary. I'm glad you're aware of the tribulations of sticking to a high-nutrient diet in a low-nutrient world--that's the first step! Luckily, there are a number of strategies for achieving nutrient-richness. For starters, always have a plan for what you're going to eat. Before eating out, check the menu online and decide ahead of time what you'll order. Also, try to steer your dining partners in the direction of restaurants where you know you can get a big salad or plate of steaming veggies (don't be afraid to sneak in your own nut-based dressing). When eating in, ask the family to join you in creating healthful meals. And minimize the amount of "contraband" you keep in the house. If it's not within reach, you're much less likely to eat it. Good luck and happy eating!
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