by Patrick James
Hi. I'm really trying to eat healthier, but one of my favorite meals has always been a good burger. I know eating lots of beef isn't that good for you, so I've switched to turkey. But do you have any suggestions for how I can make this chipotle burger recipe healthier? I'd really appreciate any tips you can give me!  Here are the ingredients I normally use: Ground turkey Chipotle chiles (in adobo) Chopped onion Garlic powder Onion powder Salt Black pepper Chopped cilantro  Mozarella cheese and a whole wheat bun  
by Roberta Stanley
So many of your recipes are loaded with carbs!  As a diabetic, on diet control and homeopathic insulin drops, I am astounded.  No, the fiber does not offset the carbs!  Many recipes call for dried dates even recipes that really do not require sweetness. Is there a nutrional reason or is it just a healthier alternative to sugar?
by Melvin Baron
I don't believe eating before bedtime is bad. The body does the same thing as when your awake. Please comment.
by Alberto Janza
I wonder if it is worth to take vitamin supplements or not. Or should we discard them and focus on getting them from our food? What about Vitamin D?
by Tim Severson
I want to document my whole foods plant based diet here to get some support and encouragement. today.. Breakfast: oatmeal w/ quinoa and flax + berries Lunch: greens/beans/seeds/carrots/steamed broccoli /brown rice/ bowl of strawberries Dinner: ate out, baked potato and steamed veggies + date/nut balls Feeling a little hungry after dinner.
by Tim Severson
There are lots of good whole food plant based recipes, Do you have a few favorites? Please share yours here.
by Gail Simon
I am relatively new to Healthy Eating. I just bought a NutriBullet and want to start making healthy smoothies. What ingredients and how much contributes to a tasty, palatable drink? I know the smoothies will be green as a result of the veggies like kale. Some of my healthy eating relatives tell me two thirds of the smoothie should consist of kale and spinach. I want it taste good so I can get it down! What else?
by Eugene Nutritarian
check out this recipe - anyone try this?
by Eugene Nutritarian
Hello All, You may have already seen this but take a look at these recipes about how to make oil free dressings
by Eugene Nutritarian
I do a blood test every so often to check for any deficiencies and year after year my ferritin scores come back low. For example when I first started a plant based nutritarian diet 8 years ago my score was 130 ng/mL then a few years into it I checked it and it dropped to 8 ng/mL and I now the latest score was 17 ng/mL - the 'normal range' in the lab report is 20-345 ng/mL I would like to know if you encounter other people who have low ferritin scores after adopting a plant based diet. Also what you would suggest people with low ferritin do to bring their levels up.

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