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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a great time to find healthy gifts

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Healthy Gifts for Thought

Lauren Wagner, 11/26/2014

Black Friday is around the corner with Cyber Monday right on its tail. With so many great items to choose from, how can you possibly know what to buy? Well, help has arrived. Here are our top five holiday gifts to get for your Nutritarian chef at home!

The first must for any home cooking, especially nutritarian cooking, is Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live Cookbook. This wonderful book has over two-hundred delicious nutrient-rich plant-strong recipes. As a #1 New York Times best seller, this work gives you the knowledge you need to eat right! Check out this book and more at

The second item any nutritarian needs is a Vitamix. Vitamix is one of, if not the best blender on the market. This high performance machine can chop, cream, blend, cook, grind, and so much more. Vitamix has three different series including the Personal Blender: S-Series, the Classic Blender: C-Series, and the Next Generation Blender: G-Series. Be sure to take a look the “Which Vitamix Series is Best for Me?” page on to decide which on best suits your needs. We recommend all three!

Every healthy chef needs this third item, especially during the cold months when an outdoor garden is impossible. The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 7-Pod Indoor Garden fits the bill as a soil-free indoor garden. You can grow not only fresh herbs, but also vegetables, salad greens and more. All you need is some seed pods, water and nutrients to bring a sustainable hydroponics system to your home!

The Cuisinart 2-Speed Immersion Blender is a necessity in any kitchen. This blending tool is used for mixing and stirring all kinds of things. It can be used to puree soups, emulsify salad dressings, combine dry ingredients, and mix sauces. The best part about this item is the two different speed settings!

Our final recommendation is the Crock Pot Slow Cooker. Everyone these days is on the go with very little time to put into cooking but numerous healthy dishes are considered one pot cooking. The best solution is to simply throw all the ingredients in one pot and go on with your day! This is the best way to stay healthy while on the go.

Whatever you decide to buy this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, just remember that though these five items are great gifts for loved ones at home, there are many more out there!


Have any healthy must haves this holiday season? Any recommendations for holiday gifts? Comment them below and share your ideas with us. 

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