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The King of Greens Returns

Coach Rosie , 06/05/2014

Let me start by saying if you’re still not ready to concede the crown to kale, you may consider calling it your “anti-partner”, because it is an “anti-medicine,” a protector from and antidote to an array of healthy challenges. As an anti- inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-oxidant powerhouse, kale can help prevent, eliminate and correct many ailments that are acquired and earned with “Standard American Dietary Lifestyle”.

This information may be new to you—at first glance you may find it hard to wrap your bones around it—but kale has more calcium than milk. Yup! We kid you not. We actually suggest that you lose that milk mustache and replace it with a kale necklace. The nutrients in kale are more easily absorbed by your body, making it a key component to building strong, healthy bones.

If you want to add more calcium to your body, it makes sense to Eat More Kale.

If you want to reduce and prevent disease, it makes sense to Eat More Kale.

And if you want to have more energy, vitality, and an overall feeling of wellness, then Eat More Kale.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman offers us the slogan, “kale is the new beef”. Haha, it’s not only charming but it is quite true—because if you were to replace some of that beef you were eating with kale, your body would thank you loud and clear by feeling light, energetic and vibrant, as all its nutritional needs are being met.

We’ll “leaf” you now with 10 final tips and tricks for adding kale into your day in an easy way. It’s simple, convient, and brings kale’s brilliant benefits to your precious body. 

  1. Add 1 cup chopped kale to an omelet.

  2. Add a handful of raw, chopped kale to your green-based salad.

  3. Drink it as tea by boiling organic kale in water and drinking the warm broth.

  4. Whip up a raw salad by mixing kale, washed and cut, in a bowl, then add avocado & lemon juice. Mix with your hands and cover all the leaves. Refrigerate for a few hours and sprinkle with pumpkin seeds.

  5. Water sauté the kale until soft and wilted but still vibrant green, and pile it high on the bottom of your plate. Top with a hearty mound of white beans.

  6. Add 1 cup kale leaves to your smoothie.

  7. Add 1 cup raw kale to a box of organic tomato soup for a quick, easy meal.

  8. Chop kale finely and mix it in with your quinoa as you cook it.

  9. Use kale as a wrap by picking a beautiful large leaf, then remove the thick part of stem and wrap it around your avocado, strawberries, nuts and sprouts to create a delicious sandwich.

  10. Of course, Healthy Food Now always has delectable kale dishes to choose from—so you can sit back, relax, order, and eat for your health and pleasure.

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