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What Went Wrong? Diagnosing and Treating Dietary Disasters

Coach Caroline, 08/30/2016

When you’re fully committed to sticking to your healthy rules, and when you follow through no matter what, you start to build discipline. Soon, choosing fruits and veggies over steak and potatoes becomes much easier.

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Food Cures All Woes

Kate Glover, 08/17/2016

Some people, when they’ve been through serious trauma, are so traumatized that their system can’t handle it. They might develop autoimmune disorders or food sensitivities. And that’s what happened to Robin.

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Hands counting from one to five on fingers, isolated on white background

Use Your Fingers to Help You Stick with a Healthy Diet

Coach Caroline, 08/11/2016

Y’all, I’m not kidding here. If you employ the five fingers strategy every time you are about to step off of your healthy food plan, you will, over time, find it easier to say no to comfort food and yes to steamed veggies.

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The hand of a coach holding a stop watch in front of a race track

5 Ways a Health Coach Can Help Optimize Your Well-Being

Kayla Sheely , 08/04/2016

Anyone who wants to achieve peak performance should enlist the help of a coach. Want to advance in your career? Find a business coach. Need help with your love life? Hire a dating coach. Want to improve your health? Partner with a health coach!

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Practice 'The Wait' to Help Gain Self-control Over Food

Coach Caroline, 08/01/2016

Every time you wait before fulfilling an urge—every time you delay gratification—your brain changes a tiny bit. Over time, these changes add up to an ability to say no to health-degrading food and yes to the good stuff!

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A dinner table at a restaurant with the bread basket in focus

Dietary Self Control is Limited

Coach Caroline, 07/27/2016

Did you know that having enticing foods in your vicinity—even if you aren’t drawn to them at the moment—can whittle away at your willpower? Any time tantalizing foods are within reach, you're more likely to give into the temptation.

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dog with chef hat promoting healthy diet

Celebrate Your Inner Chef!

Kate Glover, 07/25/2016

A perk of a healthy diet is that you often become your own culinary genius. Being your own chef allows you to know exactly what's in your food.

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A colorful salad surrounded by fresh pepper and tomato ingredients

Are You Eating Enough?

Coach Caroline, 07/22/2016

You hear it all the time--in order to lose weight, you must reduce portion size. Certainly, if you continue to consume fatty, processed foods you will have to eat less. But if you transition to a nutrient-dense diet, you will actually need to eat more....

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6 Reasons You Should Work with a Nutrition Life Coach

Kayla Sheely , 07/20/2016

There are so many conflicting health claims it’s hard to know what to believe. How are you supposed to know what is best for you? Partnering with an expert nutrition coach is one step you can take to cut through the confusion...

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Use the Clock to Help You Stick to Your Nutrient-Dense Guns

Coach Caroline, 07/13/2016

Our brains are hard-wired to seek pleasure in the form of calorie-dense food, and our environment controls our eating behavior, which makes it hard to stick with a healthy diet. Imposing some structure to your eating routines can help...

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