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Fresh kale leaves near juiced kale beverage

The King of Greens Returns

Coach Rosie , 06/05/2014

If you’re still not ready to concede the crown to kale, you may consider calling it your “anti-partner”, because it is an “anti-medicine,” a protector from and antidote to an array of healthy challenges.

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Farm fresh vegetables and fruits on a table

WHOLE Foods for a WHOLEsome Life…

Elisa Rodriguez, RD, LDN, NET, 06/05/2014

Do you know the difference between a whole food and a processed food? Many folks believe they’re eating a diet mainly comprised of whole foods, when the majority of their food intake is indeed processed.

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Kale close up on white background

Don't Leaf This One Out

Coach Rosie, 06/05/2014

According to the ANDI Scale (Aggregate Nutrient Density Index), developed by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and which rates foods based on their nutrition level, kale ranks number one, with a score of 1000. That’s a sure winner in our kitchen and on our menu!

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Fresh fruit and berries

Blueberries Are Healthy, and Don't Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

Eric Baron, 06/05/2014

Clarify the distinction between antioxidants included in supplements and those found in natural forms through the consumption of whole, unprocessed foods!

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