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Tips to stay healthfully energized 250x250

Tips to Stay Healthfully Energized

Kate Glover, 04/22/2015

It’s easy to overlook taking care of our bodies in favor of quick energy boosts, but those energy fixes are unhealthy and short-lived. Here are some tips that will make you feel healthfully energized every day.

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GMOs 101: Genetically Modified Organisms

Kayla Sheely, 04/15/2015

If you ate anything processed today, you probably had food that has been genetically modified. In fact, about 80% of processed foods in America contain GMOs.

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How and why to not skip breakfast 250x250

How (and Why) to Not Skip Breakfast

Kayla Sheely, 04/08/2015

Although breakfast can be a tempting meal to skip, eating a healthy breakfast is an important way to jumpstart your morning.

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Fresh spinach in a bowl on wooden rustic table

Top 5 Superfoods of the Diabetes Diet

Kate Glover, 04/01/2015

Diabetes is one of the biggest killers in America, with new patients diagnosed every day. What are the best foods for diabetics and prediabetics? Here are the top five diabetes superfoods.

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Top 5 nutrient dense vegetables 250x250

Top 5 Nutrient Dense Vegetables

Kayla Sheely, 03/25/2015

Have you ever been curious about which vegetables will give you the biggest nutritional bang for your buck? So were we! Here are the top 5 nutrient dense vegetables.

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A green smoothie for St. Patrick's Day

A Colorful Way to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Kate Glover, 03/17/2015

Just because St. Patrick's Day falls on a workday this year doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun, festive, and healthy. Here are some green, white, and orange foods to eat while celebrating the Irish!

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A man and a woman getting exercise in winter weather

Beat the Winter Blues: A Healthy Lifestyle for a Healthy Mood

Kate Glover, 03/12/2015

The good news is spring is just around the corner. However, many of us may still be in a winter slump. With short, cold, dark days, it’s easy to feel a bit bogged down by the winter blues. Here are some tips to help elevate your mood!

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A person choosing between healthy and unhealthy foods

A Craving-Free Lifestyle Is Possible

Sean Baron, 02/17/2015

Craving comes from food addiction; when unhealthy, processed junk is introduced to the body, it pleads for more. Here are some key habits that make maintaining a healthy lifestyle much easier.

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Without a grain of salt 250x250

Without a Grain of Salt

Kate Glover, 02/10/2015

Most Americans are used to eating processed foods, adding to our increasingly obese population and making disease seem unavoidable. Pay attention to nutrition labels--you never know what could be hiding in your food!

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Chef Joseph cooking

70 Pounds Lighter and No Insulin Later, This Diet Saved My Life

Kate Glover, 01/20/2015

I would have never thought that eating nutritious foods would reverse my diabetes. But now I’m living proof that this diet really does work! Getting involved with Healthy Food Now saved my life.

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