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New Year, New Health, New You!

Kate Glover, 12/30/2014

2015 is closing in! Have you thought about your resolutions?

The New Year always brings promises of change. Many peoples’ resolutions involve eating healthier and getting in shape, but, unfortunately, most pledges are forgotten after a month. This is because food addiction makes it difficult to transition to a healthy lifestyle; if your body is lacking the nutrients it needs to feel great, and is instead filled with processed, harmful junk, it’ll be hard to retain the motivation to drag yourself to the gym.

But just like any other adventure worth embarking upon, the journey to better health begins with a first step. You just have to take it!

A nutrient-dense, healthy diet filled with greens, beans, fruits, nuts, seeds, and whole grains is the key to reversing chronic disease and to reclaiming the health many of us have lost. And if we pair the nutrients that make us feel energized with a proper amount of exercise, our bodies will benefit even more in terms of vitality and longevity.

Inactivity, as well as unhealthy eating habits, is a major problem in the U.S. today. It seems people get fatter and sicker every day. This is because a lack of physical activity contributes to obesity in many individuals, and the weight gain causes the heart to work extra hard, increasing the risk of stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.  On the flip side, regular physical activity decreases these risks!

This doesn’t mean you need to go join an expensive, fancy gym. All you need is a comfy pair of sneakers! Walking a couple miles, 30 minutes a day, is simple and will change your life for the better. And it can be fun! Take your dog with you, ask a friend to be your walking buddy, go on a stroll with your kids. After some time, you’ll be able to walk faster and longer, and you might even want to try out some new exercises!

The best way to slim down and reach a healthy body weight is to involve different muscle groups. You might start walking on an incline, riding a bike, jumping rope, doing pull-ups, push-ups, and wall-squats, and trying some reps with weights.  Exercise helps maintain bone health and strength as you age!

Optimal health is achieved when nutrition and exercise are combined. As always, what we eat has everything to do with our health, and with proper diet exercise benefits our bodies even more. However, exercising without proper nutrition is detrimental. This is because exercise creates an increased amount of free radicals, which leads to the DNA damage linked to nearly all diseases. So, exercise is crucial for better health but also takes a major toll on our body.

Is there a solution?

Of course! You can reverse the oxidative damage brought on by exercise with antioxidant-rich foods! Once again, greens save the day.

Do your body a favor this year and fuel it with the nutrients it needs to reclaim its health. Then put on those sneakers and take that first step! It’ll be worth it.


Have a happy, healthy New Year!


What are some of your healthy New Years resolutions? Share with us below!     

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