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Man with his feet on his desk falling asleep at work

Enhance Your Nutrient-Dense Lifestyle By Sitting Less

Coach Caroline, 04/07/2016

It's very easy to fall into a slump of inactivity. Especially if you're behind a desk during the work week! But what’s so bad about sitting? For starters, excessive sitting has been linked to obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes...

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Crumpled up piece of paper for a diet plan

Forget the Magic Bullet: Karen's Journey to Better Health, Week 2

Coach Ida, 04/05/2016

Everyone wants a medication, therapy, or an exercise program that will help them feel or look better. But Karen's story of weight loss and reversing diabetes will show you how a plant-based, whole food diet can change your health destiny.

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My Nutritarian Challenge

My Nutritarian Challenge

Jennie Sherkness, 04/04/2016

After learning about a nutritarian diet, one of our followers and friends, Jennie, decided to embark on a challenge to try this style of healthy eating for 6 weeks. After only two weeks, she can say her life has changed for the better.

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Close up of a woman's hands holding a salad

“I Used to Be Vegan, But...”

Coach Caroline, 03/29/2016

There is a common belief in the vegan and vegetarian community that eliminating animal products from one’s diet is all that is necessary to optimize health. But, unfortunately, the vegan menu is not good enough to support long-term health.

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The word excuses is crossed out and replaced with results

“At Least I Eat Better than Most People I Know!”

Coach Caroline, 03/22/2016

I am sure you have never used the reasoning, “at least I eat better than most people I know!”-- but perhaps a friend or associate has insisted as much? If so, read on. Let's explore the logic behind such statements.

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colorful question marks

Instead of “I gotta...” Ask a Question

Coach Caroline, 03/16/2016

Questions are great tools for change because they get your mind out of autopilot and into problem-solving mode. What if you could turn the empty promises you make to yourself into action with some strategic questions?

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Weights, measuring tape, water, and healthy food for wellness concept

7 Secrets of Longevity

Coach Melanie, 03/15/2016

Every one of us wants to live a long, productive life. Yet how happy can we be if we are unhealthy and miserable and unable to do the things we want to do? Here are 7 secrets of longevity that can help you live a healthier life.

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Organic, healthy food in a basket on a table

Ditch the Diet, Eat for Better Health (Eleanor’s Journey, Week 1)

Coach Ida, 03/09/2016

Everyone wants a medication, therapy, or an exercise program that will help them feel better, live longer, or look better. But I have two clients whose stories will show you how a plant-based, whole food diet can change your health destiny.

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Cup of coffee in front of a calendar

Discipline is Good (and Not for Righteous Reasons)

Coach Caroline, 03/08/2016

Did you know that self-control applied to one area of your life can spill over into other areas? Discipline is contagious, and developing discipline in one area of your life can increase your overall self-control and help you maintain a healthy diet.

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Woman using her phone to help her shop in the produce aisle

I’ll never go back to eating that stuff again!

Coach Caroline, 03/02/2016

Weight loss early on is not a good indicator of long-term success. A change in lifelong eating habits will not happen overnight. Prepare yourself for the challenges ahead and take concrete action (like keeping a food log)...

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