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An open drawer of a refrigerator displaying colorful vegetables like scallions, squash, and carrots

The Refrigerator and Pantry Makeover: Unhealthy Food Out, Healthy Food In!

Kate Glover, 07/06/2016

You tried to resist binging on the 4th of July. Maybe you were successful and maybe you weren’t, but one thing is certain: tempting foods (like that bag of chips or box of chocolate chip cookies) in the house make it a lot easier to give up on your healthy diet.

Transitioning to a healthy diet can be difficult, especially in the beginning, because your body is still used to the processed, fatty foods that make up the standard American diet. You are craving the sugary, salty junk your body has become accustomed to.

When every fiber of your being is aching for something chocolatey, resisting temptation is tough. Don’t make healthy eating harder by expecting yourself to resist the highly-palatable foods in your refrigerator/pantry. You know what they say: out of sight, out of mind. If your house is stocked with unhealthy foods and absent of nutritious choices, how are you expected to stick with a healthy diet?

Sometimes when you’re trying to break bad habits, it’s easier to go cold turkey.

When it comes to healthy eating, one way to do it is with a refrigerator/pantry makeover.

Unhealthy food out, healthy food in!

Get rid of the dairy products, fatty dressings and condiments, sugary drinks, sweet and salty snacks, and restaurant leftovers. Fill up with leafy greens, colorful fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

Stock your kitchen with nutritious snacks so when you do get the urge to snack, you’ll be reaching for healthy options instead of ice cream. Try making some hummus, a healthy chocolate dip (to go with  your favorite fruits!), or blueberry delight (a lovely dessert/breakfast option).  

Just because you’ve traded unhealthy foods for healthy ones doesn’t mean you can’t have delicious options at your fingertips--but the unhealthy temptations won’t be there begging you to indulge.

Need help with your refrigerator/pantry makeover? Our nutrition life coaches are here to help! Schedule a phone call with a coach!

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