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A dinner table at a restaurant with the bread basket in focus

Dietary Self Control is Limited

Coach Caroline, 07/27/2016

Did you know that having enticing foods in your vicinity—even if you aren’t drawn to them at the moment—can whittle away at your willpower? Any time tantalizing foods are within reach, you're more likely to give into the temptation.

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dog with chef hat promoting healthy diet

Celebrate Your Inner Chef!

Kate Glover, 07/25/2016

A perk of a healthy diet is that you often become your own culinary genius. Being your own chef allows you to know exactly what's in your food.

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A colorful salad surrounded by fresh pepper and tomato ingredients

Are You Eating Enough?

Coach Caroline, 07/22/2016

You hear it all the time--in order to lose weight, you must reduce portion size. Certainly, if you continue to consume fatty, processed foods you will have to eat less. But if you transition to a nutrient-dense diet, you will actually need to eat more....

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A woman standing in a field with her arms in the air looking at a sunset to illustrate a success concept

6 Reasons You Should Work with a Nutrition Life Coach

Kayla Sheely , 07/20/2016

There are so many conflicting health claims it’s hard to know what to believe. How are you supposed to know what is best for you? Partnering with an expert nutrition coach is one step you can take to cut through the confusion...

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A strawberry smoothie, kiwi smoothie, and banana smoothie displayed on a table with fruit ingredients in front of the smoothies

One Step to Start Eating Healthier Today

Kayla Sheely , 07/18/2016

So you’ve decided you want to start improving your diet and eating healthier--that’s awesome! But do you start by overhauling your whole diet or by making smaller changes? I've found that simplicity is the key to making lasting change...

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Strawberry and cherry ingredients on a wooden table next to a fruit smoothie

Summertime Blast Smoothie | Healthy Food Now

Kayla Sheely , 06/24/2016

Summer is a perfect time of year to introduce more fruits and vegetables into your (or your family’s!) diet. Smoothies are an easy way to increase your daily fruit and vegetable intake. Try this delicious fruit smoothie...

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pineapple, mango, avocado, orange, kiwi, and coconut on a table with a tropical ocean in the background

Achieve Your Perfect Beach Body This Summer

Kate Glover, 06/20/2016

The tricky thing about fad diets is that they’re only effective for the moment--they’re a short-term fix. There’s a better solution that will allow you to lose weight and keep it off...

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glasses of strawberry and mint infused water on a table

Cut the Sugary Drinks: Liven Up Your Water with This Trick

Kayla Sheely , 06/10/2016

It can be easy to overlook the role your drinks play in your weight loss efforts. Sticking with water is the healthiest option! And if you do want some flavor in your drinks, you can liven up your water with this simple trick...

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water being poured from a water bottle into a glass for a hydration concept

Why You Should Consider a Water Fast

Sean Baron, 06/06/2016

Though you may have transitioned to a healthy diet and lifestyle, there might be excess fat and toxins in your body that are years old clogging your system and making you prone to chronic disease. Give your body a break with a water fast!

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watermelon and lime on a cutting board for a green smoothie

Watermelon Smoothie Extravaganza

Kayla Sheely , 05/20/2016

Whether you’re a healthy eating pro or you’re new to healthy eating and aren’t sure where to start, green smoothies are an easy way to increase your daily fruit and vegetable intake.

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