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BBQ Friendly Healthy Eating Recipes

5 BBQ Friendly Healthy Eating Recipes

Eric Baron, 07/13/2015

Enjoy one of these BBQ friendly recipes (that won't make your diet plan go up in flames) to prevent you from sabotaging your healthy eating habits.

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Fast Food vs Healthy Eating: Conclusion

Fast Food vs Healthy Eating: Conclusion

Kate Glover and Kayla Sheely, 07/09/2015

Could changing just one meal a day make a noticeable difference in satiety, energy levels, and productivity? There was only one way to find out: compare a week of fast food lunches to a week of healthy lunches made with Healthy Food Now recipes.

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friends cheers at a dinner party

How to Use Anticipation as a Healthy Eating Habit

Coach Caroline, 07/07/2015

Anticipation can actually increase the enjoyment you get from food. Let’s look at how you can use anticipation as healthy eating habit to aid your quest for lasting health and thinness.

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unhealthy food vs healthy food

Fast Food vs Healthy Eating: Part 2

Kayla Sheely and Kate Glover, 07/06/2015

We decided to run a mini experiment here at Healthy Food Now-- compare how a week of eating lunches from popular fast food chains and a week of making recipes from Healthy Food Now can affect energy levels, satiety, productivity, and overall wellbeing.

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man struggling between eating chocolate and an apple

Making Your Healthy Habits Stick

Coach Melanie, 07/02/2015

You say that you want to change a bad habit, but are you in the right mindset to do so? Understanding the stages of change is important before you try to rid yourself of an unhealthy habit

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close up of a woman with an apple reading something on a tablet

Motivation, like Physical Fitness, Requires Regular Training

Coach Caroline, 06/30/2015

We are constantly barraged with environmental cues to eat bad food. My favorite technique for protecting myself against the propaganda is to regularly educate myself with healthy information through videos, books, podcasts, etc.

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Smiling woman paying at the supermarket checkout

Practice a Better Health Diet Plan for Under $65 a Week

Coach Robin, 06/25/2015

You can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to building a better health diet plan that works for your lifestyle and nutritional needs. But with soaring food costs, how are you going to eat super healthfully?

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A farmer harvesting his crops and pushing vegetables in a wheel barrel

Overcoming a Play Now, Pay Later Attitude

Coach Caroline, 06/23/2015

The pleasure of a high-fat, high-salt meal overcomes the very real threat of death by heart attack, because we don’t think about the future consequences of filling our bodies with junk. All we know is that it tastes good now.

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close up of colorful healthy vegetables

Could Greens Save Your Life?

Coach Ida, 06/22/2015

Every day, we hear we should eat more green vegetables for better health. But what exactly can they do for us and are they really that important?

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Healthy salad dressing options 250x250

Healthy Salad Dressing Options

Kate Glover, 06/18/2015

Instead of smothering salads in unhealthy calories, choose healthy dressing options that will make them both delicious and nutritious.

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