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5 BBQ Friendly Healthy Eating Recipes

Eric Baron, 07/13/2015

BBQ Friendly Healthy Eating RecipesPlenty of healthy eaters fear and love the BBQ. Invitations flood inboxes, arrive in droves via text, and, less frequently, snail mail announces neighborhood cookouts and block parties bound to include beef burgers, kebabs, and hotdogs.


Sometimes the pressure of eating healthy can make us want to skip the event entirely. But then we avoid not only the calories and the fatty, salty foods, but also miss the chance to see our friends, let the kids get some exercise, and enjoy a gorgeous day outside.


Of course, there are plenty of ways to plan and prevent yourself from sabotaging your healthy eating habits. Summer salads can be easy to make and share for large pool parties. Cold soups are also fun and easy (and one my favorites made the list).


So next time you receive an invitation to barbeque, never fear! Try one of these awesome recipes below.


#1 Black Bean and Mushroom Burger

If you’re eating healthy and still desire some of that meaty, dense bite you get from a regular patty, but not the fat or animal protein overload, then this vegan burger is for you.


#2 Chive, Adzuki Bean, and Potato Salad

Who said potato salad can’t be healthy? This treat combines some of our favorite beans—adzukis and pintos—with fresh chives, dill, and a sprinkling of paprika. The “mayo” is 100% percent vegan. There’s a good chance that anyone practicing healthy eating habits will ask (and hopefully say “please”) for more. Make sure there’s enough!


#3 Crunchy Cabbage Slaw

This coleslaw is like its own party in the bowl—and the mixture of carrots, purple cabbage, and bright yellow and red bell peppers make the finished product appear like confetti.


#4 Chilled Gazpacho Soup

Cool, slightly tart, and a little spicy. In a word, perfect! This soup is one of my favorite ways to keep up on my healthy eating habits through the summer. It’s also nice to prep in large batches (in the food processor or blender) and bring to parties or potlucks in a ceramic bowl that’s brightly colored for summer.


#5 Sweet Potato Fries with Red Chili Aioli

Super simple, kid-friendly recipe. Baked sweet potato as a healthy food is way better than actual French fries.


What are some of your best healthy BBQ recipes? How do you keep eating healthy through the summer? Let us know!

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