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Food Cures All Woes

Kate Glover, 08/17/2016

We all have our reasons to pursue better health. Whether you need to lose weight, lower your cholesterol or blood pressure, manage your diabetes or food sensitivities, or avoid developing a disease that runs in your family, transitioning to a healthy diet and lifestyle is difficult. The good news is, you’re not alone.


Our nutrition life coaches understand the struggle of breaking unhealthy habits and reaching healthy goals. They know how challenging maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be, but they also know how rewarding it is because they can see both sides of the coin--they’ve been where you are, and they can help you get where you want to be.


Coach Robin truly understands the importance of nutrition and how it benefits your body because, in order to heal after a trauma, she had to go through her own journey to better health.


Some people, when they’ve been through serious trauma, are so traumatized that their system can’t handle it. They might develop autoimmune disorders or food sensitivities. Their bodies just reject food, and they waste away. And that’s what ended up happening to Robin.


Coach Robin’s Journey to Better Health  

In August 2002, she was training a young thoroughbred horse when he reared up and fell on top of her, crushing her pelvis.


In that moment, Robin was convinced she was going to die. When she was airlifted to the nearest hospital, she was hemorrhaging to death. Thankfully, she survived the accident, but it left her with 14 pelvic fractures, 2 broken hip joints, a fractured sacrum, and internal injuries on the left side of her abdomen.


Understandably, the healing process was a long one.  

After she was released from the hospital, she started having horrible digestive problems. She had pain in her abdomen and terribly burning reflux, and she went to multiple doctors for help but they couldn’t find anything wrong. A doctor advised her to take acid blockers, which actually made things worse because they interfere with the nutritional absorption process.

A year after her accident, she was on acid blockers and was continually suffering from GI issues. Her body was rejecting everything, and she was losing way too much weight.


Finally, she discovered the problem: she had developed very severe food sensitivities, to almost all foods. She wasn’t absorbing nutrients properly.

After that, she decided to focus on nutrition and explore which foods were helping and harming her body. It’s probably not a surprise that vegetables were her best bet!


In retrospect, Robin believes that if she hadn’t known how to eat a healthy, nutrient-dense diet she would have died. But today, she eats a lot of produce as well as a pound of beans a day. And she’s incredibly healthy! Her bloodwork is good, and she has lots of energy.


Because of all she learned during her struggle to get well, she has been able to help many people transition to a healthy lifestyle. And she wants to help you, too! She has seen time and time again how proper nutrition can heal the body.


According to Robin, “food really does cure all woes.”


Are you ready to start your own journey to better health? Schedule a call with Robin or one of our other nutrition life coaches to get the support you need!

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