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Goals to Help You Eat Healthier

Goals to Help You Eat Healthier

Kayla Sheely , 01/04/2016

Is healthy eating one of your New Year's resolutions? Setting a big goal to overhaul your health can be... well, intimidating to say the least. It can be helpful to take a grand goal like eating healthier and break it down into smaller goals. You'll still be working toward your resolution, but you'll be more likely to succeed by breaking it down into more specific, manageable chunks! Here are eight smaller goal ideas that can set you on the path to optimal health.

Eat a healthy breakfast.

If none of your meals can be considered healthy, try committing to just eating a healthy breakfast everyday. Don’t worry about what you’ll eat the rest of the day -- just make sure you start your day with optimal nutrition. You could even prep your meal the night before if you aren’t a morning person. Try fresh fruit, oatmeal, or these healthy oat bars.

Eat a healthy lunch.

Along the same lines, try ensuring you eat a healthy lunch every day instead of trying to change every meal. If you eat out often for lunch, chances are you are eating too many calories and not getting the nutrients you need. Try packing your lunch so you know exactly what you are eating or be more vigilant when going out to eat.

Exercise Regularly.

Whether you choose to go for a run, practice yoga, or lift weights, exercising regularly can help motivate you to eat healthier. After all, if you’ve been exercising and doing good for your body, do you really want to fill it back up with junk?

Only keep healthy foods at your office.

If you find yourself snacking during the day and adding unnecessary calories to your diet, try committing to eat only healthy foods when you are at work or school. Most likely, you’ll eat what is convenient, and if you make healthy foods convenient, you’ll be more likely to eat healthy foods.

Drink 1 green smoothie a day.

Green smoothies are a great way to add extra fruits and vegetables to your diet. It’s not hard to make a great tasting smoothie (if you are beginner, use spinach as your green with a few of your favorite fruits!). Check out this article for ideas if you are new to green smoothies.

Try a new fruit and/or vegetable each week.

If you like to be adventurous with your culinary choices, challenge yourself to try at least one new health food each week. Take a look in the produce aisle for different options like fresh ginger, pomegranate, parsnips, brussel sprouts, or Swiss chard, and try to come up with a healthy recipe for that week.

Cut/limit soda, alcohol, and sugary drinks.

When you drink unhealthy drinks, you are not only drinking empty calories that quickly add up, but you are also at a higher risk for diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and kidney issues (check out this infographic). Removing unhealthy drinks from your diet is one simple way to start eating healthier.

Start a coaching program.

Chances of success for goals and resolutions increase when you are held accountable for them. Working with a health coach can help you personalize your diet plan, set strong goals, and motivate you when you are wavering. Contact one of our nutrition coaches to see how they can help you eat healthier this year!


How do you plan to eat healthier this year? Is there anything we missed on our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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