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an overflowing basket of colorful vegetables and fruit on a wooden table outside

How to Eliminate Toxins for a Healthy Diet

Coach Ida, 06/08/2016

Toxins are everywhere. Smoke in the air, chemicals in the water, in the food we eat. How do we cope with what appears to be the inescapable reality that just being alive seems to put us at risk in our modern society?

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healthy vegetarian black bean burger with lettuce, tomato, and onion

How to Get Enough Protein on a Plant Based Diet

Kayla Sheely , 06/03/2016

In general, Americans eat too much meat. If you replace meat with whole food sources of protein, you don’t have to worry about getting enough of it! Here are some of our favorite alternatives for traditional meat favorites...

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concept of a woman running early in the morning exercising to start the day

Make Your Health a #1 Priority

Coach Caroline, 06/01/2016

Putting your health above and beyond all else helps to insure that you’ll be able to take care of all the other values close to your heart. Here's how I make my health a priority...

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popular fruits and vegetables colorfully displayed in a rainbow themed collage

Eat the Rainbow for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month

Kayla Sheely , 05/31/2016

With summer just around the corner, farmers markets are starting to pop up and fresh fruits and vegetables are filling grocery store shelves. June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month! Here are some of our favorites...

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Healthy recipes for Memorial Day

Healthy Recipes for Memorial Day Weekend

Kayla Sheely, 05/27/2016

Whether you are celebrating with loads of friends and family or you have a more low key day planned, making sure you have healthy recipes to enjoy for Memorial Day Weekend is key to sticking with your healthy eating plan.

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frustrated middle age woman reflecting on her decisions

Healthy Eating is Much Easier When You Master Your Thoughts

Coach Caroline, 05/25/2016

We have all kinds of thoughts throughout the week that try to convince us to abandon our healthy eating plans. It's useful to come up with competing responses so you can stay on track! Here's how...

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family having a barbecue together at a lake

How to Stick with Your Healthy Diet this Memorial Day

Kate Glover, 05/23/2016

Memorial Day is coming up! However you celebrate, there will probably be many tempting treats that could derail your healthy diet. Here are some tips for how you can stay healthy in social situations...

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watermelon and lime on a cutting board for a green smoothie

Watermelon Smoothie Extravaganza

Kayla Sheely , 05/20/2016

Whether you’re a healthy eating pro or you’re new to healthy eating and aren’t sure where to start, green smoothies are an easy way to increase your daily fruit and vegetable intake.

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Weight loss concept with a scale on a wood floor

Maintaining Weight Loss Takes Work

Coach Caroline, 05/18/2016

Even I, health coach and nutrition consultant, periodically let my guard down and begin falling into old eating patterns. Losing weight is a grand undertaking, but maintaining that weight loss is, in some ways, even harder...

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Woman on a beach holding a green smoothie getting into shape for summer

8 Ways to Lose Weight to Get Ready for Summer

Kayla Sheely , 05/16/2016

Summer is just around the corner, and everyone is frantically working to get their body in tip top summer shape. Here are 8 (healthy) ways to lose weight, with results that will last longer than the summer sun rays...

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