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Is Your Salad Hijacking Your Healthy Eating Plan?

Kayla Sheely , 05/13/2016

Whether you realize it or not, most of the processed foods you are consuming are ladened with salt, from cereal to pasta sauce to bean burgers. According to the American Heart Association, up to 75%  of the sodium in the average American diet comes from processed foods. And if you have high blood pressure, a salt-heavy diet can be problematic.

When you eat too much salt, your body holds onto extra water, which can potentially raise your blood pressure.

Even foods we think of as healthy might have hidden salt that could be derailing your diet.

That healthy salad you had for lunch? By dumping on that store-bought dressing, you could be adding as much as 300-500 mg of sodium to your diet (and that’s if you just stick with the serving of 2 tablespoons). In fact, it would take you over 40 minutes of walking just to burn off the calories from two servings of traditional caesar dressing.

So what can you do about the unnecessary salt and extra calories?

Make your own dressing!

The idea of making your own dressing might seem intimidating at first, but in reality, they are simple recipes that only take a few minutes to throw together. Take this healthy caesar dressing recipe, for example. Literally all you need to do is toss everything in a blender!

Balsamic vinegar is another easy, simple option that will help prevent salt from sneaking into your diet.

Try making one of these dressings at home to reduce your salt intake while also livening up your salad!  

Healthy Caesar Dressing

Sweet Cucumber Basil Dressing

Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Dressing

Pear Ginger Dressing

Almond Balsamic Dressing

Pistachio Mustard Dressing

Want other ways to start limiting the salt in your diet? Schedule a free 30 minute session with one of our expert health coaches! They will come alongside you to find a healthy eating plan that works for you.


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