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Nutrient Rich Recipes


A Nutrient Dense Plant Strong Diet Style Can Help You Lose Weight Naturally and Help Reverse Disease – And It Tastes Great Too!

Healthy Food Now wants to empower you to reverse disease, reduce blood pressure and lose weight. Millions of people have healed themselves by taking control of their health destiny by choosing the right foods.

The most recent discoveries in nutritional science show greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, nuts & seeds make delicious meals like, Rainbow Salads, Polynesian Stir Fry and Black Bean Turkey Burgers. Millions have lost weight, reduced cholesterol and enjoy more energy as a result of choosing this diet style. Based on this science Healthy Food Now has worked with chefs and nutrition coaches and created nutrient rich recipes for you and your family. These recipes are included in our list of dishes and recipes.

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